How CBD pain salve has changed my life.

It may sound funny but discovering the benefits of CBD as well as kratum to help ease my pain, has changed my outlook on life.

I was addicted to pain pills. I didn’t mind though because I had a pain management doctor who kept me well supplied. Aaahhh, the good old days.

Well thanks to ” big brother” finding it necessary to tell us how to live at all times and making narcotic pain pills the latest crusade to save us from ourselves, I found my self without them and searching for a better way.

First I read up on poppies and learned the difference between the opium poppies( Papaveer Somieform) and the rest. I grew them and scored them to drain the opium and even made poppy seed tea. That was too sedating. I need to keep my energy and be able to work.

Next I found kratum. That is another post though. Suffice it to say that kratum is awesome and I take it every day.

Finally, my husband and I were sitting on 20 pounds of weed so I googled how to make salve. I experimented to find what I think works best and I am constantly amazed at how quickly and completely it works. And everything in my recipie is all natural. Cannabis, coconut oil, beeswax, and some essential oils to give it scent. That’s all. I use top shelf CBD cannabis buds but you can use shakes or trimmings too.

Even when I took pills I never had complete relief as I do with our salve

One of my posts has the complete recipe and instructions to DIY.

However if you aren’t sitting on 20 pounds of pot to play.with, then please try Mike’s Magic Medicinals CBD pain salve. Other vendors charge $60-$100 dollars but we are charging only $25.00 for our 3 ounce salve for now because I haven’t been able to integrate our credit card system. We can do old fashioned money order or western union type sending of money. So we pass on a great deal to you for the inconvenience .

If you are interested, just give us a call to chat and we will figure it out. You won’t be disappointed.


Why is Kratum the only thing on line I can’t seem to buy with a credit card? You

So, we all know by now that I love and rely on Kratum to help alleviate my pain and help with energy and focus. I had a few great companies I purchased from online and was happy for the convince of my Kratum being sent to me at extremely low prices.

Well wtf is going on lately? Every website I pensively visit I’m informed that they don’t take credit cards or have reached their daily limit. I’ve never heard of such a thing. Being told to “try again tomorrow” is not my idea of customer appreciation and guarantees I will not be back again.

They all want to take bitcoin but who can afford that shit? I don’t understand that shit at all.

What’s convenient to me is taking my god dang credit card on line. Hello?

What to my Kratum Hungary eyes do appear , but 2 pretty words like Authentic is near! lost me for a while because they weren’t able to take credit cards for a while. Prior to that faux pax however, I had been fortunate enough to receive a couple of orders from these guys. I’m happy to report that I found to be a wonderful company to do business with.

The first order didn’t arrive on time and seemed to be lost in the mail. The USPS fault however, not I called customer service and they sent me a replacement order at no cost to me.

Well of coarse after I receive the replacement order, the first order shows up. Very beat up and went to Mexico on its way to me in Oregon when shipped from California. Lol

I phoned the company and informed them and attempted to pay for it when they told me to just keep it on them. Above and beyond the call in my book!

The next order arrived in two days and I find their quality and price beyond compare.

Needless to say I was thrilled to find their site and credit card services up and running. This is the ONLY reputable site I’ve been able to find for us all that is useable in my opinion. In the past I’d been happy with, and, and but at this time these sites are “in hospitable”.

In my opinion, experience and trial and error I recommend anyone looking to buy Kratum over the internet presently try out

Till next time,

Post script- Well I just received an email from Authentic Kratum stating that the credit system which I imputed my credit card info into somehow ran my credit card thru PayPal and was declined. Wtf kind of bullshit is this. I’m done with this shit.

I’m going to find a good distributor of Kratum and sell the shit myself on my website.

Stay tuned…..I will be a Kratum distributor as soon as I can figure out how.


Post Script #2- I am writting this a few months later. I find it necessary to add that has figured out all of their issues with credit cards anf I am thrilled to say that my orders have come amazingly fast and been top notch quality for an unbelieveabu low price. I think 3 ounces with shipping totalling around $21.00…..a great deal. Get the 3 oz. Trial pack for $15.00. Then when prompted for a coupon codeĀ  use, ” ok20″. This will give you 20% off. I give them 5 stars!

Kratum- what is it and is it for me?

Frustrated and in agonizing pain, I picked up my phone and searched for anything that could help me that was accessible. The first topic that popped up….Kratum.

Kratum, or ” Mitragyna Speciosa” if you want to sound smart, or stupid, depending on the situation. Kratum is a plant grown in Southeast Asia. It is dried, and then ground into a fine powder. It comes in a few different varieties called “veins”. The different veins have different specialties.

Green works well for pain, concentration, mood lifting, as well as being a gentle stimulant.

Red vein targets sedation. It relaxes and brings about a peaceful, content feeling while helping with pain.

White vein is my personal favorite. It alleviates depression and works a hell of a lot faster that the 3 weeks it takes antidepressants to begin. It increases energy and productivity as well as focus. That’s a big one for me, focus. Tend to be on the ADHD side from time to time.

Yellow vein is quite popular and seems to be a mix of white and green as far as effects go, although in my opinion, a bit weaker. But that’s just my opinion.

This might be a good time to tell you that Kratum tastes absolutely horrible. There is no way around it. Some say mix it with 8 ounces of your favorite juice but I, myself prefer to mix it like a shot and get that shit down asap. Kratum powder is so fine, I recommend buying a small shaker from the Dollar Tree. Mixing it in a glass with a spoon proves to be quite messy.

Kratum also comes in pill capsule form as well as extract and super concentrated extract. I’m a cheap bitch, (lol) so I prefer the fine powder form aposed to the others as they are much more expensive.

Kratum can be purchased at your local ” head shop ” such as Magic Man or other novelty/paraphernalia stores. I bought it that way until one day I got smart and found some bulk online sites and purchased it that way. I had great experiences with purchases from Authentic Kratum, Buy Bulk Kratum, and Oregon Kratum. All three shipped very fast with a great, affordable product. Recently, I purchased from Oregon Kratum and I received my order in one day, albeit I am in Oregon. I also find that the Kratum I received from them doesn’t taste as awful as the others. I’m not sure why.

Ok, I must tell you that these are strictly my opinions and information based on my own trial and errors and experiences. I’m not a doctor and I don’t know what medication interactions may be important for you to know. I leave that to you to research for yourself, or you may email me if you are to busy. Just tell me what your medications are and I will research it for you and report my findings. Maybe a future post will be a comprehensive list of medication do’s and dont’s.

Finally, legalities of Kratum. It is legal in most states. The DEA is ” watching ” it. That means they are waiting for it to be helpful to a lot of people so they can swoop in and make it illegal. Assholes. Our government sure does like to keep their noses up all of our asses. Too bad we can’t fart and blow them up! Anyway, I didn’t mean to go off on a rant. There have been numerous Kratum demonstrations and marches and I foresee a big shit storm if they try to criminalize it. Ultimately, that will just make criminals out of innocent people. I will find a way to get it because it helps me be a better person. Eventually I will have Kratum for sale on this site. Kratum is a schedule one drug and illegal( fucking ridiculous) in the following states: Wisconsin, Arkansas, Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, and Vermont. If you live in one of these states you should move. Lol. Iowa, Michigan, Kentucky, and New Jersey are trying to outlaw it but it is still legal. The rest of the states seem to want to live and let live as opposed to the other states that want to entrap and imprison.

Until next time…..